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jelte.vip have been around for a year now, but we have been providing cheats for years now under different names.

Epic Ghost Client

Epic Ghost Client was developed by the old lithium developer epic.

Kura Ghost Client

Kura Ghost Client developed by Kura.

Itami Ghost Client

Itami Ghost Client

Chromatic Ghost Client

Chromatic Ghost Client made by Landon

Encephalon Ghost Client

Encephalon Ghost Client, some people say its a ""logger"" so its a use at your own risk client.

Hypnotic Ghost Client

Hypnotic ghost client only works on javaw clients.

Ape Lite Ghost Client

Ape lite Ghost Client cracked by the Kangaroos

Cucklord Ghost Client Cracked

Cucklord Ghost Client Cracked

Ectasy Ghost Client

Ectasy Ghost Client cracked by Syn

Skyfall Ghost Client

Skyfall Ghost Client cracked by the Kangaroos

Iridium Ghost Client

Iridium Ghost Client cracked by the Kangaroos

Axenta v2 Ghost Client

Axenta v2 Ghost Client owned by Monkey developed by q5a.

Darkin Ghost Client

Darkin Ghost Client reach fixed by hayden.

Hermotet Ghost Client

Hermotet is a free ghost client!

Ettelen Ghost Client

Ettelen is a free but old ghost client that only works on some versions.

Koid Ghost Client

Koid was a paid ghost client made by Diego. that got cracked. but it got released to the friends of the developers so this is the official exe.

Icetea Ghost Client

Icetea was a paid ghost client that got cracked/ratted back in the days. but it got released to the friends of the developers so this is the official exe.

Krypton Ghost Client

Krypton was a paid ghost client made by vegas. but it got released for free by him.

Lithium Ghost Client

Lithiums source code got released so this is a official exe from lithium without the auth.

Tuke Ghost Client/Memory Hacking Tool

A GhostClient/Memory hacking tool made by tuke.

Obscure Ghost Client

Obscure is a free ghost client made by q5a.

Null Ghost Client

Null is a free dll based ghost client.

Supremacy Ghost Client

Supremacy Ghost Client made by privileged.

Zoomin Ghost Client

Zoomin Ghost Client.

Ape v4 Ghost Client

Ape v4 cracked by the Kangaroos

Trump Ghost Client

Trump ghost client cracked by Rigole

Slappin Ghost Client

Slappin ghost client cracked by vroom

Drip Ghost Client

Drip ghost client cracked by Yario its a old version tho.

Eternal Ghost Client

Eternal Ghost Client by vroom.

Unicorn Ghost Client

Unicorn Ghost Client.

Bit Injection Ghost Client

Bit is a injectable ghost client for 1.7.10 forge.

Crypt Ghost Client

Crypt Ghost Client cracked by da kangaroos.

Exelon AutoClicker

Best free autoclicker. (New clicker of the devs from Nebula)

Nebula AutoClicker

Use their new project Exelon!

Lunar Launcher AutoClicker

Lunar Launcher AutoClicker.

Iridium Clicker

Iridium Clicker cracked by the Kangaroos

Rapist AutoClicker

Rapist AutoClicker Cracked.

Weyn Turorial AutoClicker

Weyn Tutorial AutoClicker by exelon dev.

Gonral AutoClicker

Gonral Old AutoClicker.

Luvsy AutoClicker

Luvsy AutoClicker.

Cucklord AutoClicker Cracked

Cucklord AutoClicker Cracked.

SlinkWare AutoClicker

Slinkware autoclicker.

Crim AutoClicker

Crim injectable autoclicker (HOME to inject, F4 to toggle gui).

Aion AutoClicker

Aion AutoClicker cracked by vroom.

Ligma AutoClicker

Ligma autoclicker (Insert to open gui).

Mango AutoClicker

Mango Autoclicker Developed by q5a and iYewn.

kClicker AutoClicker

kClicker AutoClicker by g0ldy.

PSD AutoClicker

PSD autoclicker Cracked by the kangaroos.

Meth AutoClicker

Meth is a very old autoclicker developed by someone :)).

Old Dope v2 AutoClicker

The old dope v2 autoclicker.

Nig AutoClicker

Nig AutoClicker made by mp3.

Ice Click Recorder

Creds to uoro#1337 for posting this in mango ;o

Dusk AutoClicker

Made by damn

Atomic AutoClicker

Atomic Autoclicker

Bolt AutoClicker

Bolt autoclicker made by Pickleft

ppclicker AutoClicker

If u want to get ur own build join their discord

Discord AutoClicker

Discord AutoClicker made by Rowin modified by: amplitudes for easier use.

Slinky AutoClicker

Slinky AutoClicker made by shitkid in 5m.

Monkey AutoClicker

Monkey AutoClicker cracked by the kangaroos.

Peach AutoClicker

Peach AutoClicker.

Yagami AutoClicker

Yagami Autoclicker, Note this clicker is super old so its also detected.

Mango Lite Pornhub Edition AutoClicker

Mango Lite in the colors of pornhub :^).

Prism Hack AutoClicker

Prism Hack AutoClicker made by bb girl prism owo kiss <3.

Cupware AutoClicker Amogus Edition

Sussy amog us autoclicker made by Cirmaci skidded from Cirmaci

Grape AutoClicker

Grape AutoClicker (Old af)

Empty AutoClicker

Free version of empty clicker.

Bhop AutoClicker

Bhop AutoClicker made by bhopmc.

Supremacy AutoClicker

Supremacy AutoClicker basically just supremacy without the reach.

Vega AutoClicker

Vega AutoClicker made by idk

Murphy AutoClicker

Murphy AutoClicker cracked by: vroom.

Epic AutoClicker

Epic AutoClicker made by epic (looks like glock LMAO).

Spotify AutoClicker

Spotify AutoClicker made by nightbot aka fetix.

7Clicker AutoClicker

7Clicker AutoClicker (Old).

Lolxd AutoClicker

Lolxd Jar AutoClicker

Void AutoClicker

Void is a batch file type autoclicker made by mp3

Zoom AutoClicker

Zoom based autoclicker with the zoom gui.

Axenta AutoClicker

Axenta AutoClicker made by q5a and Monkey.

Vene AutoClicker

Vene AutoClicker (Very old).

Glock AutoClicker

Cracked by the kangaroos, u can cop the updated version @ https://glockclicker.xyz

Boris AutoClicker

Boris AutoCliceker sub 2 boris.

B1scoito AutoClicker

B1scoito AutoClicker very basic but decent.

Isolation AutoClicker

Isolation AutoClicker made by prism.

D0ge AutoClicker

Note: this is a crack of d0ge this one is most likely safe due of it being cracked by vroom aka a glitch.gay staff member.

Cyanide Ghost Client

Cyanide is a forge ghost client for 1.7.10

Gucci Ghost Client

Gucci is a forge ghost client for 1.7.10 there is also a 1.8.9 version but that will be added very soon.

Trump Ghost Client

Trump ghost client cracked by Rigole

Lowkey Ghost Client

Lowkey is a forge ghost client for 1.8.9.

Merge Ghost Client

Merge is a forge ghost client for 1.7.10.

Raven b3 Ghost Client

This is the raven b3 version without the token logger that mr blowsy added (Thankz 2 Prism for removing it)

Willy 1.8.9 Ghost Client

Willy 1.8.9 ghost client)

Spook 1.7.10 Ghost Client

Spook 1.7.10 ghost client)

Ape v3 Ghost Client

Warning:This has been a known "keylogger" but some people still want to use it.

Skilled v3 Ghost Client

Skilled v3 ghost client (newest version)

Magenta Ghost Client

Magenta forge ghost client for 1.7.10

Onyc Ghost Client

Onyc is a forge ghost client for 1.7.10

Skilled v2 Ghost Client

Skilled v2 Ghost Client updated version of the other one.

Raven B+ Ghost Client

Raven B+ is a better version of Raven b3 developed by: Kopamed

Skilled Ghost Client

Skilled is a forge ghost client for 1.7.10

Xenon Ghost Client

Xenon Ghost Client cracked by Rigole

Vea Ghost Client

Vea is a forge ghost client for 1.7.10

Bape Ghost Client

Not Ape just bape ;) (Its for 1.7.10 its like Ape v2.49)

Zyklon Injection Ghost Client

Zyklon is a injectable ghost client for 1.7.10 forge.

Sumo Ghost Client

Forge Ghost Client for 1.8.9.

Crystal Ghost Client

Crystal Forge Ghost Client for 1.7.10.

Old Dope v2 Source Code

Old Dope v2 Source Code

Chromatic Source Code

Chromatic Ghost Client source code

Icetea Source Code

Icetea Ghost Client source code

Lunar Reach Source Code

Basic lunar reach source code

Zoom Clicker Source Code

Zoom Clickersource code

Ice Click Recorder Source Code

Source code of ice click recorder

Ettelen Source Code

Ettelen Ghost Client source code

Lithium Source Code

Lithium Ghost Client source code

Darkin Source Code

Darkin Ghost Client source code

Raven B+ Ghost Client Source Code

Raven B+ is a better version of Raven b3 developed by: Kopamed

Vega AutoClicker Source Code

Vega AutoClicker Source Code made by Rune

Skilled v3 Source Code

Skilled v3 Source Code

B1scoito Clicker Source Code

B1scoito Source Code (C++)

Lunar Clicker Source Code

Lunar Clicker source code

Discord Clicker Source Code

Discord Clicker source code made by rowin

Empty AutoClicker Source Code

Free version of empty clicker source code.

Anydesk Resolver Source Code

Anydesk IP Resolver Source Code.

Paladin SS Tool Source Code

Paladin SS Tool source code

Axenta AutoClicker Source Code

Axenta AutoClicker source code

Latemod Source Code

Latemod ghost client source code

Cucklord Ghost Source Code

Cucklord Ghost source code

Memeware/Dortware 1.0 Source Code

Memeware/Dortware 1.0 hacked client source code

Weyn Turorial AutoClicker Source Code

Weyn Tutorial AutoClicker source code by exelon dev.

Mango Lite Pornhub Edition AutoClicker Source code

Mango Lite Pornhub Edition AutoClicker Source code

Gucci Ghost Client Source code

Gucci Ghost Client Source code for 1.8.9.

ETB Reload 1.0 Source code

ETB Reload 1.0 hacked client Source code

Old MoonX Source code

Old MoonX hacked client Source code

Jigsaw Source code

Jigsaw hacked client Source code

NameTag Hider Mod

NameTag Hider mod made by rigole for forge: 1.7.10.

Session ID Login Mod

Used to login to session ids, use /fakelogin and paste your information in there.

Bed Nuke Mod

Bed Nuke mod i used on my 3 chars while grinding for fkdr on hypixel (Skilled skid press rshift).

Cucklord Dump

Cucklord backend dump and everything.

AnyDesk ID Changer

Changes your AnyDesk ID

Webhook Message Sender

Sends a message to a discord webhook

Cucklord AntiSS Crack

Cucklord AntiSS Cracked.


AnyDesk Download Link

EZPing Cracked

EZPing is a fake program "claiming" to optimize your ping cracked by Sapphire Industries


Process Hacker Portable Download


Recaf Jar File Decompiler/editor


JBytedit Jar File Decompiler/editor